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780% Increase in Yearly Organic Traffic ​

"Our Digital marketing plans fetched 780% increase in the organic traffic for this brand advertising firm."

One of the most celebrated brand management and advertising firms of Pune, The Circus Works is active in rendering various services adhering to brand consultation. Along with a crucial scrutiny in sectors such as web development and online marketing, it also visualises wider scope in organizing events and exhibitions enhancing public relations to the best. Their aim is to build and eventually execute a coherent strategy for the clientele. Focussing their attention on lead generation, optimisation of projects for the customers is done by them.


Inspite of putting in a lot of creativity plus hardwork, the online recoil was unsatisfactory. Abridged as TCW, it lacked somewhere in the online marketing, to establish its name as a prominent advertising venture of Pune. Lead generation, playing the protagonist in the endeavour was experiencing a major demand of some stimulus which could drive the firm through odds.


We made an attempt to help them build a better dwelling on the internet. All the work that involved defining the web pages, content structure, navigation structure, website layout was done in line with Google guidelines.Our SEO Campaign talked about targeting the most searched Keywords related to advertising industry.

The On Page optimisation ensured that the Meta tags, content and other tags were inline with the SEO goals. The Off Page SEO strategy encircled on objecting websites relevant to advertising industry, business listing, social media portals, agency websites and many more.


All these actions bore fruits when advertising related keywords got 1st rankings - Advertising agencies in pune, advertising agencies, advertising agencies in India etc and many more such keywords achieved good online rankings.​ An increment of 780% was observed in the online organic traffic. Lead generation was uplifted, procuring 63 leads per month.​Talking about the amount of clicks, the first year accomplished 14,238 organic clicks which doubled upto 28,952 organic clicks in the consecutive years.

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