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54% Increase in Organic Traffic

"Within 3 months span, the increment in the organic traffic was by 54%, thanks to our online marketing expertise."

With an increase in the standard of living of this generation, the world conspires towards a better personality that influences the world with the aura it possess. To take a step ahead, LTA School of beauty brings to you a pathway towards building your career in the beauty industry which is on boom now-a-days. It claims that its prime motive is to fill the void of skilled workers in this industry. It is a recognised degree in India with international collaborations and accreditation. Established in 2005, it strives towards rendering skills, knowledge and experience in the field of beauty, thus building successful careers in prestigious environments like Dermalogica, JCB salons, Steiner cruise liners, Lakme salons, Enrich and VLCC.


Being operative from Pune as well as Mumbai, the academy wanted to carve a niche on the internet. Due to the fact that a lot of folks searched beauty related questions or information on Google, their main target was to divert the traffic on to their site. LTA focussed more on gaining the audience searching for Makeup, hair, Grooming, cosmetology and beauty parlour. It was necessary for the institution to work towards the pain area they lacked in.


We initiated our efforts by a thorough keyword research of relatable terms using Google Keyword Tool. Then high relevancy keywords were found out, which had a considerable high traffic. We worked towards revamping the on pager content, parallel on page changes were also done on website, based on the keywords.


Our SEO expertise paved way for an increment of 54% in the organic traffic in 3 months of slogging. Also rankings improved tremendously through our aid. Some of the terms that got no. 1 rankings were Beauty school in Mumbai, beauty courses in Mumbai, beauty institutes in Mumbai, makeup classes in Mumbai, beautician courses in Mumbai, professional makeup artist in Mumbai, cosmetology course in Mumbai.

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