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164% Increase in Quarterly Organic Traffic

Organic traffic was improved at a rate of 164% in 3 months, and they were able to reach out to more people and save lives."

Health care services predominantly are the most vital part of any society, owing to their prodigious services for human life. Their pro forma carries a big baggage of ailing, dying ones who need good treatment. In today’s fanatic internet world, even maladroit services can claim to be good and procure money, rendering false services. Moral says you need to reach out to the digital audience, just being good is not enough.


One such benevolent organisation, which is well known across Pune and parts of Maharashtra for its super speciality services, lacked in digitally establishing itself.
In-spite of having extra-ordinary expertise in joint replacement surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Endoscopic Spine Surgery etc. not much could happen on the internet. Its inability in reaching the actual audience who use internet for health solutions was the actual impediment.
The services like fully equipped casualty, advanced diagnostic services, pharmacy, cafeteria and many more could be known only to a few.
Due to the overflowing rate of competition on the web, overpowering the others and showcasing its skills was becoming tougher.
The emerging online treatment reference sites like Practo was adding up to the difficulty with its huge reach on the net, making things worse.


Diagnosis, it was deciphered that the website had a lot of duplicate content, which was not appreciated online. The keyword rankings were endangered because of this and hence could not secure a higher position on the web.
The first task was to create a unique content with no duplicity. A comprehensive keywords research was done to fetch for the words patients or general web-users type in the search box.
Relevancy of the keywords to the organization was given prime most importance. These keywords were then amalgamated in the website content.
After the successful completion of On- Page overhaul, focus was diverted to link building on Hospitality industry related portals.
All this paved way for achieving a good ranking for super speciality related keywords.
Some prominent keywords named below got appreciable rankings on Google.

> Breast surgeon in pune
> ruby hall clinic
> endoscopic spine surgery in pune


The Organic traffic on their website quarterly increased from 657 monthly visits to 1083 monthly visits, which is commendable within a span of 3 months. Through this journey, we could bring it in a good digital position. In case you require in-depth analysis of how we conducted the Campaign do get in touch with us.

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