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Increased organic traffic by 300% in 10 months.

"This firm selling organic vegetables and fruits on Shopify Ecommerce Store achieved a raised organic traffic by 300% in 10 months."

A fit healthy lifestyle has become the nucleus of multitude today. Each singular wants a pure intake of all foods, and looks out for such prospects. An online website for delivering residue free fresh vegetables grown at their own farms wanted to reach out to all fitness freaks to provide chemical free organic food to them. All the processes such as seed selection, crop selection, packaging, transportation etc. was done by them.


Quite evidently, this venture aimed at focussing on the people who wanted organic, nutrient rich vegetables. Being a completely new endeavour, google ranking was not obtained. This was due to the fact that new domains are not quickly or easily ranked by Google.

As this platform was created using Shopify, the task was to plan an effective strategy which could be easily decked and raise the stakes. Being a new concept was definitely a feather on the cap, but it needed a good online place to let the target audience know.


To begin with, we approached our client for knowing the keywords that it’s target audience searched for.

‍After a lot of client consultation and our thorough research work, we came up with keywords which were

  • Online shopping oriented
  • Brand oriented (For Brand promotion)
  • Generic keywords (For Brand awareness)

As the website content speaks for your venture, eventually winning the race for you, we primarily focused its relevancy and the information it conveys.

Implementation of On Page SEO strategy based on Shopify platform was done by installing SEO plugin. We also exercised the pages using the admin panel provided by Shopify.

Online vegetables pune, fresh vegetables online pune were some of the keywords which got good rankings.


The increase in organic traffic within 10 months span was almost 300%.Targeting the appropriate keywords and a strong backlink strategy became strong shoulders on which we rode, and successfully accomplished our goal.

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