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Advantages of SEO and Search Engine Marketing

For a Brand to have a presence on a Search Engine is imperative, as 5.5 Billion searches are done daily on Google alone.

What Makes a Good Website

The objective of designing a website should be to provide good user experience to customers as well creating a Search engine friendly website

How to market an app

Just having a great App is not enough in the 21 Century. For increasing App downloads it needs to have good presence on app stores, search engines and other relevant platforms.


Depending upon your target audience whether you want to reach customers in a specific area, on an national level or across the borders your SEO strategy will differ accordingly

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses with limited budget whould ideally target only a limited set of social media platform based upon whether the business targets b2b or b2c customers.

IPL 2018 : Changing the face of Digital Branding

Brands are using the Indian premier league to reach mass audience in India as IPL is an high engagement event providing better results.

SEO Pros and Cons

SEO has both advantages and disavantages based on how it is implemented by the SEO expert, If done correctly it can provide great returns.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

A brand should ideally utilise both traditional advertising platforms as well as digital marketing platforms to get better Results.

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing helps brand reach targeted audience utilising platforms such as Search Engines, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Email Marketing...

What is SEO | Beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing the brand website design, content and backlinks on other portals with the intend to Rank the brand in search engines.

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