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A Successful YouTube and Google Display Campaign to Promote Brand Awareness of a Manufacturing Company

A Dependable Strategy with the Most Trustworthy Cricketer - Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid Knest Campaign

Client: Knest Aluform

Industry: Manufacturing and Real Estate – Aluminum Formwork.

Brief: Knest Aluform is a leading manufacturing company offering construction-tech solutions for real estate and infrastructure development projects worldwide.

Campaign Goal:
To create brand awareness about its product and services. 
To position itself as a reputed company with the help of its Brand Ambassador – Rahul Dravid.

Campaign Goal: The Client wanted to create Brand Awareness about its product and services and also position it self as a Reputed Company with the help of its Brand Ambassador – Rahul Dravid.

Campaign Strategy

Mohite Digital Services worked with Knest to fulfill their goals with various creative elements and the power of digital marketing.

The client, in collaboration with Atomium Labs created a YouTube Video featuring Rahul Dravid and aligned the values of the company with the brand image of the famous cricketer.

The line – As Dependable As It Gets features the amazing connect and we highlighted it across all our campaigns. The company was positioned as Mr. Dependable for all aluminum formwork needs.

Target Audience:

Sports enthusiasts, cricket lovers
General potential customers and audiences above the age of 24 
Professionals from the construction and real estate industries 

Campaign Execution

We created two campaigns:
Video Campaign
Focused on Sports, Construction Professionals and General Audience.
Display Campaign
Focused on Construction-related audience   
MDS generated separate ad groups for each TG and monitored the performance daily to check the KPIs and make necessary changes to the campaign.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we tracked:
View Metrics:
Total Views
View Rate (views divided by impressions)
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Engagement Metrics:
Likes, Shares, Comment, Average View, Duration, Subscriber Growth
Conversion Metrics:
Conversion Rate, Cost Per Conversion, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Audience Insights:
Demographics (age, gender, location)Audience Retention
Ad Performance:
Ad Engagement (e.g., interactions with call-to-action buttons)Ad Placement Performance
Cost Metrics:
Total Ad SpendCost Per View (CPV)
Revenue Impact:
Revenue generated as a result of the campaign


It was a highly successful campaign that went on for over 2 months and we could reach a wide audience all across the country. 

Outstanding Achievements from the Video Campaign:

Creative Elements
YouTube Video:
2.1 million YouTube views
776 video shares
Average view duration – 28 seconds 
Total watch time – 17144 minutes
16 Subscriptions

Outstanding Achievements from the Google Display Campaign:
Impressions – 11,741,962
Website Visits – 70,826
CTR– 0.60%
Average Cost – ₹1.66

Knest appreciated all our efforts and enjoyed the amazing response to their video. 
In summary, the YouTube and Google Display campaign for Knest Aluform, featuring the illustrious Rahul Dravid, undeniably achieved its primary objectives.
The synergy between the dependable brand image of Mr. Dravid and the aluminum formwork offerings was successfully communicated to the target audience. The exceptional results demonstrated that the campaign resonated effectively with the chosen demographics.

It set a strong foundation for future endeavors, solidifying the company's position as a dependable choice in the aluminum formwork industry.

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