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We are here to broaden your business by understanding your requirements, utilizing your budget, and enhancing your voice for your brand with effective and cost-friendly investment.

Reach a wider audience!

Indisputably, Facebook and Instagram offer the largest user base, no matter how many other social media platforms are grown.

Over 1.82 billion users visit Facebook daily. Over 8,30,260 people use Facebook in Pune city itself. This ultimately means the centralization of a massive audience on a Facebook and Instagram platform.

Furthermore, Instagram and Facebook advertising come with a sequence of benefits; it is a cost-effective form of advertising your brand and it can drive offline as well as an online sale, with the potential to engage your customers and many more.

To reach, engage and generate leads on Facebook and Instagram a Brand needs to utilize both Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing (Paid Marketing).

While both may sound the same but they are two necessary components of Social Media and are interdependent. The smooth functioning of both concepts in any business is the ultimate sign of proper mapping of Brand.

Facebook Social Media Management

Social media management is the method of creating, publishing, promoting, and managing content across Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram / Facebook Social Media Management does not mean only posting updates to your social media handle but it is a consistent process of finding new and innovative ways to engage your audience.

To make your brand stand out in a race

We Make Videos that engage your audience.

Social Media Lead Generation

Video marketing is a proven strategy of leaving long-lasting impressions. We at MDS design videos that will cut the clutter and will make your brand stand out.

With ardent graphics, compelling visuals, lucrative business strategy, we deliver high-quality videos that will take your brand to the next levels of success and glory.

We make posts which foster curiosity

Social Media Lead Generation

Our team at MDS delivers the most engaging and visually pleasing creative post along with substantial relevant content highlighting the exact positioning of the brand.

As we are people of the 21st century we at MDS keep a balance of millennial generation needs yet maintain the authenticity of the blooming newness of brands, clients, and their needs.

Facebook and Instagram Paid Marketing

Instagram and Facebook paid advertisements are efficient in growing traffic, generating leads, increasing engagement, and driving sales to a business.

But the loophole in this process, if there is no proper management of your investment then the cost of running a Facebook advertisement can be very HIGH.

We offer to boost your business, increase brand visibility, increase lead generation, and ultimately meet the desired goals of any brand's success.

Lead Generation

Facebook lead generation plays a significant role in branding, expanding, and utilizing your business as well as your investment thereof. With Facebook lead ads, we collect actionable information about Facebook users that helps you build audiences and target them better with ads.

We at Mohite Social media marketing services, understand the intricate benefits of leads and generate data inclusive of posts, videos, google forms which will march towards massive lead generation.

Growing your brand awareness

We boost your Post / Videos to reach a wider audience with the intent to promote your product/services and engage with the potential customer.

Increase Followers

We determine the correct audience and promote your Brand Page with the Intend to Increase Likes (Followers) for your Brand.

Therefore, It’s time to choose genuineness!

Ultimately the central point of our services is a client and with relentless focus and dedication towards the MDS has managed to stand out in a race of fit-in agendas.

We make ourselves every day more competent and give that stand which will take our client requirements to newer heights, to amplify their brand in a network of millions, reach thousands of target users & still analyze every interaction.

More than 50 million businesses are now on Facebook and it’s down to you to cut through the crowd to get to the front row.

And that’s why we at MDS are prioritizing our clients and customize the strategies with customer dialogues, Targeting audience, lucrative business approaches, and bidding it all in the market with 100% authenticity.

We after setting up campaigns analyze ad performance and continuously optimize them for better results.

We also provide comprehensive social media reporting and regular performance checkups to ensure we’re maximizing your ad spend.


Facebook offers various marketing tools to promote your brand on Facebook.

Facebook Pages, Creating Brand based groups, Groups related to the industry or your product offerings, Creation of Targeted Advertisement & through this you can target the potential audience with least investment.

You can keep a minimum Daily budget of INR 100 to run a Facebook advertising campaign but it won't be able to deliver many results as the audience reach would be minimum.

But we suggest you have a Minimum Daily Budget of INR 500 - INR 1000 based upon your Marketing Objectives.

Yes, Facebook advertising is incredibly effective especially for B2C. It allows you to target a specific audience who are likely to be interested in your service or products by leveraging the immense data of its users which Facebook possesses.

Ideally Cost Per Lead for Facebook and Instagram is quite Low as compared to other digital platforms.

You can promote your Business on facebook for Free by creating Brand Pages, Creating events on Company Pages, Joining Facebook groups, Creating Facebook Groups, Sharing Company's blog posts, Live streaming, reaching out to the influencers, Creating Your FB community.

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