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In the dynamic realm of IT, cultivating a strong employer brand is imperative for attracting top talent and fostering a positive workplace culture. Recognizing this, 12th Wonder, a leading IT software company, collaborated with Mohite Digital Services to execute a comprehensive LinkedIn Employee Branding Activity. This initiative aimed to showcase the company's achievements, celebrate its employees, and create engaging content to enhance its brand presence on LinkedIn.


The primary goal of the Employee Branding Activity was to augment 12th Wonder's visibility on LinkedIn, attract prospective employees, and foster a sense of pride and engagement among existing staff. Key focus areas included highlighting employee achievements, onboarding creatives for new joiners, recognizing work anniversaries, sharing industry insights, advertising job openings, and showcasing high-profile professionals within the organization.

Strategy and Execution:

Employee Achievements:

Mohite Digital Services crafted visually appealing creatives spotlighting individual employee achievements. These included project completions, certifications, and other notable milestones, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Onboarding Creatives:

Welcoming new team members is crucial for building a strong team culture. Mohite Digital Services developed engaging onboarding creatives, introducing new hires to the 12th Wonder family and highlighting the company's values.

Work Anniversary Celebrations:

Recognizing employee loyalty and commitment, creatives were designed to celebrate individuals completing more than one year at 12th Wonder. This not only acknowledged employee dedication but also showcased the company's positive work environment.

Industry Insights Articles:

To position 12th Wonder as an industry thought leader, Mohite Digital Services curated and published articles on the latest trends and innovations in the IT sector. This content aimed to engage the LinkedIn audience and establish 12th Wonder as a knowledge hub.

Job Openings Showcase:

Regular updates on job openings within the company were shared, targeting potential candidates and leveraging the platform to attract top talent to join the 12th Wonder team.

Highlighting High-Profile Professionals:

To humanize the brand and instill confidence, Mohite Digital Services spotlighted prominent high-designation professionals within 12th Wonder, showcasing the expertise and leadership within the organization.


The LinkedIn Employee Branding Activity yielded remarkable outcomes for 12th Wonder:

Follower Growth:
The company's LinkedIn followers surged from 394 to an impressive 2291, indicating a substantial increase in brand visibility and interest.

Engagement Surge:
Current employees actively engaged with the content, fostering a sense of community and pride. Increased likes, comments, and shares demonstrated heightened interaction and resonance.

Enhanced Employer Brand:
The initiative successfully positioned 12th Wonder as an employer of choice by emphasizing its commitment to employee growth, industry leadership, and a positive work culture.


Mohite Digital Services' strategic execution of the LinkedIn Employee Branding Activity not only expanded 12th Wonder's online presence but also reinforced the company's commitment to its employees. By leveraging creative content and industry insights, the initiative fostered a stronger sense of community and contributed to the overall success of 12th Wonder's employer brand on the LinkedIn platform.

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