The Need for Social Media Marketing for Gymnasiums

May 27, 2020

Social Media for GYM

It is human nature to take up every opportunity to grow and scale. And so, it is business nature to do the same! The power of social media to depict a better lifestyle, a better choice, a better eating habit, a better body, and a better mindset, has helped many. Usage of social media marketing for fitness institutes and gyms has not only helped people gain inspiration to make better lifestyle decisions, but also enabled businesses to provide additional value to their existing and new customers! Let’s look at how you too can utilize fitness social media posts for your gym, to scale faster, and better!

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Fitness Centres?

How does social media really help gyms? Well, here’s a look into how gym social media marketing would truly work for you:

To inspire those already working towards fitness

Womens Gymnasiums

Many people begin their journey toward fitness to reach their set targets. Your fitness social media posts can very well work as an inspiration to those who are striving toward their fitness goals. By posting inspiring videos and photos of the transformation of people within your gym, you can keep many others inspired to do the same.

To motivate those who have given up hope

While some are staying true to their routines, there are many others who tend to give up mid-way when they see no signs of change within themselves. People often compare their progress with others, quitting their routine when they see the rest reaching beyond what they could. As a gym, you have the power to help them realise how each one’s progress is different and that time does reward. You can conduct paid campaigns / Social Media marketing to reach out and help motivate by posting how you helped your clients accomplish their fitness goals.

To update the audience about offers

Gym offers

Many people choose not to get a gym membership because of the membership cost. Most await offers and other such deals that can help them get one at an affordable rate. You can post about monthly / yearly membership offers that can help you get more people interested.

To build a connection with the audience

While all of the above hold merits, building a connection is one goal that is more to help you in the longer run. With people often leaving gyms and fitness centers mid-way through their progress, your engaging gym social media posts where you interact with your audience can help build that connection. Further, posting pictures and videos of your gym members working out in a bid to help them get acknowledgement for their hard work and perseverance will also go a long way in keeping those connections intact.

Things to Do Once You Build your Gym Social Media Presence

Here’s how you can go about things once you set up your gym social media marketing account!

Talk about your gym equipment

If there’s one thing people want to know about a gym, it is what kind of equipment they have and whether the trainers are good enough. By talking about posting about your gym equipment as well as the trainers you have on-board, you can help create a level of trust among your audience about your gym.

Put up transformation pictures

This is one gesture that works wonders to boost people’s trust and inspire them to never give up. By looking at others going through their transformation they can hope in a transformation waiting for them too. Post these transformation pictures on your gym social media platforms once a week to keep your audience motivated.

Encourage gym members through personalised posts

This is one of the most important methods of motivation. By using your gym social media marketing platform to post personalised posts for members, you will be able to build an emotional connection with your members that will truly make them feel encouraged

Share health tips

This is yet another crucial part to play in the lives of your gym members. These gym members are only with you while they are within your gym. However, out of it, you have no control or influence over them. Coming across the health tips you share every once in a while, on the gym social media will keep their goals at the forefront of their thoughts.

Have a ‘Gym Member of the Month’ acknowledgment

Here’s where you can really get the members going! By carrying out a ‘Gym Member of the Month’ event, you can reward those who have shown a lot of change and turned their life around step by step to becoming more fit and healthy.

As a gym business, you have the capability and the power to motivate countless people to a life of health and fitness that is more beneficial to them than to you. By understanding your part in it, you can carve a social media plan that is centered on the well-being of all involved.

So, if you are ever doubtful of whether your gym needs a social media account, remember the amount of influence social media has on people. And by combining that influence with a bit of positivity that you aim to spread through your passion for fitness, your gym social media is exactly what your audience would need to change their lives for the better.

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