How much should a Small Business spend on Digital Marketing

With the rise in Smartphones and speed of Internet (4g/5g) and reduction in Internet cost millions are using the Internet to search for even basic things like Hotels near me, Shops near me, Garage near me….

The Consumers are using Search Engines, Social Media, Review websites, News Portals to gain information about topics which they are interested. Its becoming imperative for every small business to have a presence on the Internet.

Lets devulge into what are the must platforms for a small businesses to make a presence on Digital world

Website for your business – You website is the first interaction of your potential customer to know about your products / services. Your first impressions is quiet significant in converting the consumer into client. If the website takes more than 7 seconds to load then 32% of users will quit the website thereby leading to loss in revenue.

Make sure the following things are in Place

The website is Mobile Friendly – The user is able to read and navigate on mobile with ease.

The website is Search Engine Friendly – Ask your design team and SEO Company to make sure all parameters of ONPage SEO – Page URL, Crawling, Sitemap, Robots.txt, Meta tags are in place for Search Engine to crawl and segregate your website data.