How to Disavow Backlinks

Jan 5, 2018


A back link, in simple terms, is a link to another website. Also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”, back-links are links to external websites.

Backlinks are valuable as they help build the authority of your brand. High quality links on popular sites would also drive traffic to your website. Links on good quality content are visible to customers and they immediately associate it with the brand.Back-links


A bad backlink may come from unrelated or untrusted sources, or from sites that have been penalized, and may create a negative response on your SEO campaign or even cause a Google penalty.

Bad backlinks also come from sites:

  1. That have thin and irrelevant content
  2. That have low quality directories
  3. That automatically generate backlinks
  4. That have major duplicate content
  5. That have been hacked or have malware
  6. That are adult, gambling sites, etc

A back-link is not good when it violates a Google Webmaster guideline. Any link intended to manipulate site rankings in Google search results may be considered a part of link scheme and a violation to webmaster’s guidelines which would result in your domain getting effected negatively in search engine result positions. 


One can use the Google’s disvow tool to get rid o undesirable back links. It is a tool that helps you to ask Google not to mention certain links that lead to your website. The process may be simple, but needs to be done correctly.

In simpler terms, the process starts with downloading the back links from all available sources (google / webmaster / SEO tools), combine the links in to one spread sheet and decide whether or not you should keep links from this domain or disavow based upon relevance and other factors. You can test whether the back link websites are toxic / contains malware etc using various online tools.

Next, you must make your disavow file in a text format (.txt), and file your disavow file through the disavow tool. As soon as you upload your disavow file, Google will begin applying the disavow directives to each of your link. This process might be complicating for some users who have never done it before. There are possibilities of errors arising during the disavow procedure, and one may not be aware of how to solve every error.

It is hence advisable that you get the task of disavowing back-links by a SEO expert, who would perform it with expertise and solve any errors. If the disavow process is not performed correctly, it might sometimes have a negative effect. A professional would avoid any negative results and make your work easy.

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