Digital Marketing has always promised maximum bang for the buck. However, we have an even more mouthwatering proposition for you. Introducing performance marketing. In this newest digital marketing avatar, you only reimburse us for your advertising if it results in the desired outcome. So, if your banner ad elicits responses from your consumers, you pay us. If not, you don't. *T&C Apply


You can choose from many paid campaign options such as Adwords, Social Media Marketing, banner advertising, etc. and only pay us for our services if your paid campaign creates leads from your consumers. For instance, if you place a banner ad through us on a digital platform, you only compensate us for the number of leads you get from it. If there are no leads, you need not pay us. *T&C Apply


Email Marketing has always held a lot of promise but sadly never delivered to its potential. However, the email marketing plan that we offer to you under performance marketing entails you paying us per lead you generate. *T&C Apply