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We all know that market credibility holds the largest leverage for every business/brand. In today’s digital day and age, this leverage must be obtained even before the company officially launches. Getting an MSME registration is one step towards starting your business. However, that’s just a license that businesses must obtain to initiate their brand. It doesn’t bring in clients or generate leads! To attain market renown, a meticulous digital marketing strategy can go a long way. At Mohite Digital Services, we offer packages that comprise customized digital marketing campaigns that are perfected to fulfil your business goals! Today, we bring to you, a limited period offer: Choose any of our digital marketing packages and get a complimentary MSME registration on it!

MSME Silver Plan

MSME Registration Silver Plan

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MSME Registration Gold Plan

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MSME Registration Platinum Plan

MSME Registration Plan

MSME Registration Plan

MSME Digital Marketing

Do I require a mobile-friendly website for my MSME?

If the worldwide boom in smartphone devices tells us anything, it is that they are integral to modern-day transactions, marketing, and connectivity. As a web design agency we make sure your brand will have maximum visibility and engagement if your website is compatible with smartphones. In turn, clients, buyers, and social media influencers alike will remain more aware of your brand.

On top of expanding your audience pool, user-friendly web pages allow clients easy navigation and fulfilling customer experiences, leading to more shares, more clicks, more hits, more business, and of course better rankings in search engines!

How do I generate leads for my MSME?

Given below are the ways in which you can generate leads for your Udyog:

Create landing pages that are easy to navigate and have all relevant information related to your udyog, also make sure it has proper Call to action buttons.


Google Adwords

Social Media Marketing - (Run Paid Targeted Campaigns) Ensure that your social media business handles are optimized to herald the best social media strategies to engage and persuade potential customers. Customized offers, incentives, discounts, and packages go a long way!

If you have a list of Email databases then running an Email Campaign would be quite useful as it is still one of the most cost effective lead generation platforms.

Taking help from a team of professional experts who will personalize digital marketing campaigns will ensure that you have a better ROI..

Why is SEO necessary for my MSME?

Simply put, a website that is optimized with regard to SEO will invite more organic traffic, which is a tested method to gain organic traffic.

Make Sure that you have a presence on Google as 66,000 searches per second are made on Google and most of your potential customers will start their journey towards discovering your udyog through Google.

An SEO Agency will help you strategise and execute SEO Camapigns to achieve the desired goals. You can also do it in house but being a Time consuming activity and a field where dynamic changes in Search Engine algorithm takes place constantly you need to fugre out whether hiring an SEO Agency or In-house would work for your firm. Hire an SEO Company which showcases proven results via SEO Case Studies

Does my MSME need to have a presence on social media?

It is common knowledge that having a social media marketing for small business is necessary. No matter which industry your business belongs to, having a social media presence allows you to attain two main objectives:

Generating Highly Convertible Leads: Having a social media presence can help your potential clientele understand your business a little better, allow you to showcase why you’re different and enable clients to approach you by themselves! These leads are high-quality leads that are easily convertible because they have approached you with the intention of working with you!

Gaining Followers: One of the biggest parameters of successful social media presence is the follower count on your page! However, with followers, gaining a good engagement ratio denotes that the followers are organic and comprise your target audience. This further indicates that your social media campaigns, both paid and free, have been successful! These followers, then, convert into potential leads as and how you continue to establish better credibility.


What is MSME registration?

India has a vibrant MSME sector that supports its economic growth. Irrespective of whether an enterprise is in the product manufacturing or service industry, you can register it under the MSMED Act, which was established to encourage and enhance the capabilities and competencies of micro, small, and medium enterprises in India. Now, all MSME ventures can register under Udyog Aadhar.

Why is MSME registration required?

Irrespective of which industry you fall under, Udyog Aadhar registration for your enterprise is essential, because it allows you to access the benefits of the associated government schemes. Here are some of these amazing measures that will catapult your unique venture:

Who is eligible for MSME registration?

As per the latest government data, your business falls in the MSME sector if it has been functional for more than a year and shows an annual turnover not less than INR 24 lakhs. Alongside, you will require KYC documents, a certificate proving the registration of your business, and the Current Account statement of the previous six months.

Under the revised MSME classification as per the Indian Government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, micro enterprises have investments less than INR 1 crores and annual turnovers less than INR 5 crores, while small and medium enterprises have larger capacities (small: investment < INR 10 crores, annual turnover < INR 50 crores; medium: investment < INR 50 crores, turnover < INR 250 crores).

What are the documents required for MSME registration?

To register as an MSME under the M/o MSME, you must disclose the following documents on behalf of your business:

Business address proof

Copies of sale bill as well as purchase bill

Partnership deed

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (MoA and AoA, respectively)

A copy of licenses and all the bills pertaining to the equipment acquired.

What is the fee for MSME registration?

The Government of India does not charge any fee for MSME registration. You can get your MSME registered in the M/o MSME’s online portal in a few minutes. However, there are professional enterprises that facilitate your registration in addition to professional services (e.g. digital marketing services) that you may wish to solicit.

At Mohite Digital Services, we can help you attain all your business objectives using digital marketing tools. But above that, we believe in helping you establish your business first! To make your dreams come true, we have decided to provide free MSME registration from our side on all our digital marketing packages, so that your budgetary concerns are taken care of!

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