7 Social Media Goals to Boost Your Business.

Social Media Goals for Businesses / Startups
Social Media Goals

What are the goals? Why it is crucial to set goals in the field of Social Media? These are the questions one needs to ask to propel your brand on social media.

As the goals hold us accountable for our missteps and simultaneously evaluate the strategy and success.  So the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based goals constitute the root of brand development.   

Below is a list of social media goals that you should consider aiming for in 2021 for excelling in different niches of social media platforms. 

  1. Social Media Listening :
Social Media Listening

Before aiming for any goal-based strategy, understanding the concept carries vital significance. Consequently, Social media listening is the act of monitoring or listening about what is being said about your brand, business, and products by using social media listening tools.

As customer orientation and branding go hand in hand, hence social listening plays a vital role in attaining the purpose of knowing your audience well.

Analyzation Potential customers, Product Insights, Improvisation of customer service, marketing your products through, Creating targeted audience these are the beneficiaries of social listening offers. 

Therefore, Study-Analyze-React is the equation social listening set up for the brands on social media. 

HubSpot Social Media Management Software, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Falcon.io are some of the tools for social media listening on the internet.

2.  Selling on Social Media

Selling Products on Social Media Platforms
Selling on Social Media Platforms

Selling on Social Media means brands or businesses choose to sell their products on social platforms. Social media marketing becomes the medium to reach out to the targeted audience of that brand across a web page. 

Apart from Marketing on Instagram, Pinterest also launching commercial features to buy products on the app itself without leaving the window of the app.  

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Therefore apart from maximum reach to a larger audience, a high conversion rate into brand growth, sales growth, and lead generation can also attainable by selling directly in-stream on social media.

3. Broadcast Your Brand: 

Broadcast your Brand
Brand Awareness on Social Media

Broadcasting your brand means, broadcasting/live streaming of your brand directly to the intended and potential audience through various social media platforms.  

These social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube which are not in relation to traditional platforms inclusive of TV, Radio, and Press Circulars.

Live Streaming enables you to connect with your audience personally; one can pitch the product in a more relatable way, can connect more, and helps to understand the emotional intents of buyers. Therefore, more brands are picking up this option. 

One can go live to hype up a product launch, engage with your audience, cover a real-life event, or present a social media competition to enhance your business. 

 It is a significant tool to reach and engage a broader audience on social platforms.

4.  Collaborate with Micro-Influencers: 

Collaborate with Micro Influencers

To reach out to your targeted audience with authenticity and reliability, collaborating with micro-influencers for your brand and product collaboration is an effective way. 

Micro-influencers are those who have followers from the range of 10,000 to 50,000 on social media. Therefore, when it comes to collaborations, authentic relations and genuine bonding of small influencers with their audience carry more potential to cover more spectrum of the community. They build trust with ease and which is crucial for any brand engagement.


Businessman or brand owners just need to find someone who aligns with their  brand image and values and reach out to them for potential collaborations. 

5.  Increase Traffic to Website

Increase Website Traffic via Social Media
Website Traffic from Social Media

Before aiming for website traffic, it is important to understand the concept thoroughly. So, website traffic is a term that refers to web users who visit the website.

It is crucial to have a large number of visitors to your website, as it opens up the doors of opportunities for business or brand development.

More website traffic means more ways to build a relationship with customers, to amplify brand awareness, generating new leads, and customer engagement.

Also, more website traffic means a hike in your sale, customer hike, and diverse growth of the business. 

By social media advertising, by promoting content, posts with irresistible headlines, customer engagement we can seek traffic to the website.

6.  Brand Advocates: 

Brand advocates are those who cater to your brand through word of mouth marketing.

Brand advocacy elevates positive reviews about your brand and products. They also refer to new customers, create content, and publish your product and services to potential buyers.

While aiming for broader brand growth in the coming years focusing your attention on brand advocates is the lethal way of sustenance. Focusing on this, brand advocates will make you improvise your services, brand impact which will eventually boost your brand name.

Customers, employees, business partners, and sometimes influencers play the role of brand advocates. Their experience with your brand, ultimately going to enhance your product or service.  

Rewards and gratification also make brand advocacy more exciting for those involved. By focusing on maintaining brand advocacy loyalty with simple support, a successful brand advocate program can be nurtured.

7.  Improve Customer Service:   

Improve Customer Service - Social Media

Growth, Development, and Publicity of any brand or business can only be achievable if customer service is flawless.

If a brand is responding to its customer with the highest of its efficiency, then it eventually leads to higher revenue and profit hike, Speeding lead generation, and as well as the establishment of relations.

To mark your milestone, to leave your impact, Customers need to be the center of the orientation of any brand marketing. And here are some of the ways to build a strong community of customers and potential customers.

  • Responding immediately to comments and messages.
  • Reply to all feedback, questions, and comments 
  • By personalizing interactions
  • Create specific templates or guidelines to leave your impressions behind.
  • To encourage more interactions, create more hashtags. 

Final Words:

Many of the points or goals mentioned here are interlinked. One strategy needs to take the hand of another or impressions set by another to flourish in their niche. 

In the coming days if we keep eye on changing trends, demands of buyers, the psychology of buyers, and focus on the expansion of our reach and our community, then our goals will gain traction.

But perhaps, your primary social media goal should be to understand and figure out which social media trend suits more for your business and fosters your benefits.

Therefore tweaking social media strategy accordingly and setting goals with the optimum study will help to sustain more.