Local Business Marketing and Social Media: An Interrelation.

In the year 2020, the world faced a terrible phase of its existence. All the human life was stuck in the homes due to lockdown and pandemics, moreover, every day used to be a new challenge in itself. But, humans discovered new tools to sustain themselves sanely in those insane days.

One day, I remember clearly my mother was very happy and she was telling me with sheer joy, that she got all her grocery on one application on phone and her work was done with just one click. 

Whereas I was happy because her efforts were saved and were so glad that these local businesses paved their ways to digitalized mediums to reach out to their customers, as these are the signs of a revolutionary digital era where local businesses will be flourished with the affluent market.  

As a matter of fact, during the uncertain period we faced, small and local businesses only kept the pace of our lifestyle and the economy steady and smooth. Right from grocery, fruits and vegetables vendors discovered new ways for the sustenance of human lives. 

Therefore, it is mandatory to understand its importance and promote it with a newer vision for the balanced expansion of our economy. 

Significance of Local Businesses: 

Local Businesses play an important role in the development of the Indian economy in many ways. 

About 60 to 70 percent of the total innovations in India come from Local businesses. 

The roles of Local businesses in the economic development of the country are briefly explained below:

  1. Small Businesses use labor-intensive techniques. Hence, it provides employment opportunities to a large number of people. Thus, it reduces the unemployment problem to a great extent.
  2. They removes regional disparities by economic mainstreaming of rural and backward areas and brings balanced regional development. It promotes both urban and rural growth in India.
  3. It helps to mobilize and utilize local resources like small savings, entrepreneurial talent,      etc., of the entrepreneurs, which might otherwise remain idle and unutilized. Thus it helps in the effective utilization of resources. 
  4. Small businesses require less capital per unit of output. It provides a quick return on investment. 
  5. Small scale industries produce a wide range of products required by consumers in India. Small scale industries meet the demand of the consumers without creating a shortage of goods. Hence, it serves as an anti-inflationary force by providing goods of daily use.

Therefore, in the light of the significant importance of small and local businesses, we need to understand the importance of its wider growth as well as expanded reach. 

Apart from the compilation of new marketing techniques and creating awareness about local businesses, it is vital to promote the small businesses on social platforms in this digital era for a quick submission of the brand to the potential audience.  

Importance of Social Media for marketing Local Businesses:

Social Media is a canopy to reach a wider audience with ease and impact. New generation as well as the aging generation, spends maximum of its time on social media for different sorts of reasons. 

Shopping, buying, selling, connecting, and now working also have become online. Therefore considering the emerging importance of social media, it is necessary to promote local businesses on social media to give voice to our authenticity and for providing a helping hand to the local and needy as well. 

Here is the list of,

Ways to promote local business on social media.   

1. Advertisement Campaigns:

This is an effective way to give voice to your little plant of local business. Drawing appropriate strategy and execution is fundamental for a successful advertisement campaign. 

Mapping appropriate social networks for a potential target audience, Conducting Contests, and increase the engagement of followers, by posting high-quality content that educates and entertains your customer and equally shows your business personality, these are some of the ways to strengthen your advertisement policy and eventually marching towards strong gripping of business development.

2. Promoting Brand Encouraging Customer Engagement: 

To promote your brand online, one needs to be unique in ways and ideas itself. 

Creating high-quality content, marketing of content, guest blogging, compelling yet artistic visuals, and graphics usually becomes successful in setting up milestones of success. 

Apart from it encouraging the engagement of customers by taking polls and quiz, sending goodies and free hampers to the influencers to promote brand advocacy, video marketing will sow the seed of growth in the soil of social marketing but the watering of consistency and customer-oriented service is crucial for fruitful growth and success. 

3. Customer Loyalty Program

To create a loyal customer community in starting phase of any business is very necessary. Hence to create such a community that will provide a basis for the brand, diverse ways can be applied.

Coupons of cash backs, discount on buying, free shipping, free maintenances and discount offers for first few customers these are some of the marketing strategies to create the group of loyal customers. 

As loyal customers play a significant role as brand advocates who will spread the word by word of mouth and which extremely important, as the authenticity and real experience of any business leave a long-lasting impression and convincing notions towards the brand. 

4. Post-sale services:

For maintaining the community of any brand’s customer, proper maintenance of the same is very significant. 

Application of Social media platforms for, free shipping of goods, Performance monitoring, grievance redresser, free maintenances, working on client’s feedback and suggestions, and staying true to the spirit of brand principle is what necessary to reach a wider audience. 

Originality, uniqueness of brands’ goals, and sound customer services are the key factors of any brand or local business expansion on social media. 

5. Business Analytics / Key Performance Indicator (KPI): 

Analytical study of investment and growth, maintenances and service and strategized evaluation of the same is crucial to paved the niche in social media marketing, 

Tracking reach of the brand, tracking results of customer engagement and loyalty programs, alteration in approaches according to the situational phases, and instant work responsiveness, are the ways that foster sustenance and growth of any brand on social media.  


While finding the right audience and curetting your place on social media, one needs to evaluate and strategized the challenges and loopholes while doing it. 

Sound precautionary measures while protecting client’s data, privacy, protecting our brand, misuse of brand name, surrogate marketing where the brand name is misused to sell a different product, etc are vital for generating online movements with ease and without any uncertainties. 

Final Words:

As we know there are always two sides to the coin, to keep a par between to one needs to be vigilant enough to work on loopholes and cater to the positive connotations of the same, and then the goal of keeping balance will attain. 

While the curetting path for a local business on social media precautions as well as marketing motto needs to go hand in hand. 

Ultimately authenticity and consistency towards your principles can staple voice even in the darkest corner and in the smallest start.

Let’s loud our voices to those who are listening.