ORM in Digital Marketing

ORM also known as Online Reputation Management is the process of managing a brands reputation on various digital marketing platforms like Social Media, Search Engines, Business Portals, Review Websites etc…..

Why is ORM important for Businesses ?

Below Facts related to digital world will highlight why Online Reputation Management is important for every business

53 percent of consumers expect brands to respond to reviews – When Consumers have a positive or negative experience they tend to utilise portals such as google, review rating sites, social media profile pages of businesses to let know there experience. Once the consumer has written a review / rating he expects a feedback from the Brand which very few companies are giving rightnow leading to a bitter consumer feeling.

Businesses without 5 stars risk losing 12% of their customers – When a user intends to buy a product / service he checks for the rating for the brand and if the ratings are low most probably he would go with a Competitor brand.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – Whether its online shopping portals like amazon, flipkart, ebay or small ecommerce portals 85% of consumers rely on Reviews along with personal recommendations before purchasing a Product. 86 out of 100 people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews

Reviews are the second most powerful ranking factor for Google’s local pack

The Consumer Journey to buy any product starts with the below steps

Brand Awareness > Familiarity > Consideration > Purchase

The Brand Awareness and Familiarity are steps where the brand reaches to its targeted customers through various digital and traditional marketing campaigns. The Consideration Phase is where the consumer has shortlisted a few brands and would be Purchasing brand product based on parameters like Price, brand recognition, Reviews, Consumer Complaints etc….

Platforms where People check Reviews

  • Facebook
  • Google Review
  • Amazon Review / Flipkart Review
  • Employer Brand Reputation portals