How to get leads from Google ?

What is Lead Generation ?

The Process of finding prospective customer who has shown interest in the services or products provided by your company is known as Lead Generation

In the 21st Century Search engines are the primary source of Lead Generation for a business as around 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. Research shows that Consumers tend to use the search engines for first hand information of a product, compare and evaluate two or more products before finalizing on the product to be purchased.

There are hundreds of search engines in the Market but the most prominently used Search engine is Google. Worldwide Google Dominates the Search Market with 76% shares in 2019 therefore marketers need to focus on Google for generating leads. On average 63,000 searches per Second are made on google to find first hand information about a Product / Service. Not having a presence on the Search engines, where a potential customer is researching for your company product or services would obviously hurt any Business – Small or Big.

How are Leads generated through Google

Google Search Results have two sections – Paid Listing and Organic Listing also known as Free Listing.

Paid Listing :

Paid Listing has two components – Search Listings and Display Listings

An Paid Search Listing on Google is an form of Paid Advertisement where you pay Google for your Company Ads to appear when a user searches for your Product / Service. In Case of a SEO Company the brand would have a Paid Campaign for Keywords like “SEO Company in Pune” (Location), “SEO Services” etc

Sample Paid Ad :

Google has affiliations with millions of websites where banner advertisements can be done via google adwords. With Google Display advertising businesses can run banner advertisments based on Keywords, placement or Interest.

Why Paid Listings is important for Businesses

Average ROI is 200% on Google Ads campaign spending

90% of internet users see Google display ads worldwide

70% of mobile eCommerce customers place calls through mobile ads

90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions

Factors to be considered while Running a Paid Campaign

Location : Run your Campaign only for Targeted Cities where you intend to have presence.

Keywords : Only consider Keywords which are relevant to your product / service also use Location in the Keywords which would help in targeting users looking for businesses in that particular location

Call to actions : Google provides the Call Now ads functionality where users can directly call your mobile no whenever they see your ad on google search results. The tracking of Leads is done by Google Ad-words in this case.

Key Performance Indicators : For a Paid Campaign to be successful you need to track certain KPI like CTR, avg CPC, Cost per lead and Cost per acquisition.

For normal google search ads you need to add mobile no in the site extension feature which will result in the ad copy.

Key Performance Indicators : For a Paid Campaign to be successful you need to track certain KPI like Click through rate, avg cost per click, cost per lead and cost per acquisition.

*Note – Google adwords the advertising platform by Google offers a Free INR 2500 coupon for businesses in India to run a Paid Campaign.

Organic Listing :

Organic traffic also known as SEO traffic is the Free traffic that is located below Paid ads and they tend to drive more than 70% of traffic from Google as compared to Paid Listings which indicates that users prefer organic listings.

Organic traffic has a 14.6% average conversion rate as compared to traditional advertising platforms like print ads and direct mail, which have a 1.7% average conversion rate.

To appear in the organic listings companies need to have a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy which will help in Ranking on the First page of the Google Results.

SEO Keywords : In case of SEO 2 – 3 Keywords that can be targeted on a single page therefore you need to be precise in selecting the Keywords.

Keywords can be classified as Brand Keywords, Informational keywords , Navigational keywords and Transactional keywords

Incase of an ecommerce portal its better to target a Transactional Keyword as it may lead to more Conversions

How to Track the Leads Conversion

Call to actions : For tracking leads we need to have a strong Call to action network on the website e.g Contact us form, registration form, phone nos etc.

Google Analytics Tracking code needs to be inserted on all web pages so that it will help us in tracking website traffic and the conversions.

Google Adwords provides a conversion code which needs to be placed on the thank you page. An thank you page appears only when the user fills a contact us form.