A SEO Company is a group of SEO experts who help websites rank in the Search Engines Organic Listing for Keywords related to its products / services. Organic Listing generates Free website traffic and is listed below Paid Ads in Search Results.

Benefits of Hiring a SEO Company

  • SEO Experts – An Experienced SEO Consultant will understand your business and its digital requirements based on the SEO Questionnaire, the company website and a face to face meeting with the marketing team. He will then help you set realistic SEO goals to be achieved over a period of time as results take time to be achieved. A customized SEO Plan will generally begin with SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis. Next would be Keyword Research to help finalize the Keywords to be targeted. Ideally 2 -3 Keywords can be targeted each web page. Once the SEO Consultant has completed your On Page SEO (Meta Tags, Content optimization….) he will then start with Back Link activities.
  • Improved Keyword Rankings – Once you have started the SEO campaigns you would observe improvements in your targeted Keywords from 2 / 3 months. Ideally it takes 4 -6 months for non competitive Keywords to be on the First Page while competitive Keywords may take years based upon the competition for the Keyword.
  • Increase in Organic Traffic – An improvement in the Keywords will result in improvement in Organic traffic to the website leading to lead generation
  • Measurable Results – The SEO Company will share monthly reports with you measuring Keyword rankings, Monthly Organic traffic and other SEO parameters like Domain Authority, Page Authority of the website

Questions to Ask before hiring an SEO Company.

  • About SEO Consultant – A SEO Company would have a Team of SEO Experts who would work on your project. The SEO Manager who would be handling your account needs to have demonstrated proven expertise and should also have the communication and analytic skills to understand your business goals and the path to be taken to achieve the Results.
  • Domain Experience – Prior work experience in working on similar domain website would held great as the company would have basic insight on Keyword types to be targeted, back link strategy for the domain and competition in the domain.
  • SEO Case Studies – Ask the SEO Companies for SEO success stories / case studies demonstrating how they strategies and executed SEO campaigns to achieve good rankings and increment in Organic traffic.
  • SEO tools used by the Agency – Ask the Agency whether they are using Paid Tools like Moz / ahrefs / semrush which provide indepth analysis and better SEO analysis of website and competitors.
  • Monthly Reporting structure – Ask the agency with Monthly SEO Report structure and whether they would have a Face to face meeting every month for discussing SEO results and the strategies for the upcoming month.
  • SEO Costing / SEO Package – The costing is one of the important factors in deciding the SEO Company.