How to Write about a Company on Linkedin

A company profile on LinkedIn is an Introduction to your Brand, which aims to inform the Users about your Company Products or Services.

A User won’t Care about what you are Selling until he believes your Brand, therefore Ideally your Company profile shouldn’t inform the users Only what you Sell, but it should compel a Story about why your organization exists, its Journey and the Company’s Vision and Values.

Including Awards and Recognition from Industry Peers will add more Brand Recognition

Depending on your Audience you might choose to mention the Clients, Career Opportunities and Stock Market Information.

Let’s Delve into how Leading Brands are Positioning on LinkedIn

Google Linkedin Page

Ranked #9 on Linkedin Top Companies Google the leading technology brand positions itself as a Brand which develops Products which solve the problems across the globe for each individual.

e.g Google Search Engine provides answers to your Queries, while Google Drive helps you to store information/documents Online.

LinkedIn About us Page

As we are writing our Company Profile for LinkedIn its Imperative to analyse how LinkedIn is positioning itself on its Platform. 

LinkedIn uses Statistics to highlight that its a Professional Social media platform differentiating itself from its Competitors Like FB, Instagram, Twitter.

Amazon Linkedin Page

Ranked #9 on Linkedin Top Companies Amazon, the leading ecommerce Brand in the World, positions its Brand as a Customer-Centric Company focusing on Inventing products and offering services that provide its Customers with the Best Experience.

Nestle LinkedIn Page

Nestle the world’s largest food and beverage company covers its Brand Journey since its inception in 1866 to date.

The statistics in the about us section highlights the achievements in 2020 in terms of Manpower and Sales.

Other Information that needs to be Filled in Linkedin About us Section

Website :

The website Link needs to have the Most important Web Page of your Website.

Brands generally include Home Page or Careers Page in the Website Link. Do add the HTTPS version of your website webpage as it adds more value. 

Phone No

Most of the Big Brands keep The Phone Field empty. But if you are a Small Brand we suggest you include your Sales Person Phone No.


Company size

Depending on the No of Employees your Company has on the Payroll you can choose on of the Below figures


Add all the Locations that your Company has offices across the Globe. Mark the Headquarters as the Primary Location


Company Type refers to whether your Brand is owned by Solo proprietor, a Pvt ltd company, a Public Company or a Government Company.

Year Founded

Mention the Year when your Company came into existence

Specialties :

You can mention upto 20 Products / Services in the Specialities section.

Apart from writing information about your Brand also add a Creative LinkedIn Cover Photo as that is your first Impression.

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