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Advantages of SEO and Search Engine Marketing

The advent of the magical rectangular box which could consume anything we type, only to give us whatever we want precisely was boon indeed.

You enter ‘A’, all the suggestions roll down on the screen.

If words related to your business are searched and if you are not seen on the first page, that’s a news to be pondered upon. 

That magical box needs to be pampered and manipulated with the magic wand called search engine marketing. Search Engine optimisation and Pay per Click are the main extensions of this term.

But why are these bifurcations so important from business point of view?

Search Engine Optimisation often referred as Free Organic traffic arriving at your website, as search engines do not Charge you for it, clearly implying is important for any website’s business.

Talking about the other fin, Pay Per Click is the paid traffic which is diverted deliberately to your website landing page.

Both are powerful tools in online marketing, in their own good ways.

To give a strong base to the argument, some SEO statistics say their part.

SEO Statistics

5.5 billion searches are done on Google per day. 

72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. 

61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their search engine organic presence is their top priority.   

Fishing deeper into the aspects of SEO, its key components comprise of

Technical SEO

Technical SEO :

Two words crawling and indexing summarise the whole technical SEO. 

Making the crawl on website easy for the search engine crawlers, thereby indexing of page is done smoothly by search engines.

On-Page SEO

Further moving towards On-page SEO, its implication lies in adding Meta Tags, Navigation Structure, the correct usage of H1, H2 tags, changes in the website content. A proper content structure works perfectly with it.

But the most important question is, how does the search engine classify a thing into its perfect category? How does it differentiate between an apple fruit and an apple phone, when just apple has been searched?

Implementation of categorizes all that is typed is adopted by all the search engine crawlers for their easy functioning thereby allowing them to classify the content.

Off-page SEO / Back Links :  

Creating effective links on quality website is nothing but Off-page SEO.

Relevancy factor in vital here.

If done correctly, ranking on top is quite possible. Quality listing rather than quantity is given preference. If the links arrive from a trusted website, ranking is greatly affected on a good side.

Keyword Research is the Foundation stone

Even before you start with SEO and PPC Campaigns the foundation stone of a successful campaign is targeting the relevant Keywords having substantial traffic. Its Important that proper relevant keywords are targeted and Keyword Research plays an Important Role in it.

A lot depends on the keywords you adopt, referring that particular business.

Targeting the relevant keywords will procure good rankings, sales and ROI for your esteemed venture.

Moreover, every keyword research has to be exhaustive; otherwise the impacts are not going to meet the desired expectations. It should be broad enough to engulf large audience poll.

To put forth an example:

Grouping of potential basic business Keywords for SEO company in Pune.

Combinations in the form of Group 1- Group 2 ,  Group 1- Group 2- Group 3 should be done.

You can use Keyword Combination tools like Merge Words to make a list of potential Keywords. Below is an example for the Combination Group 1 – Group 2

Now you can use various Keyword tools to find the monthly search traffic for all the Potential Keywords and then finalise Keywords based on relevancy and traffic.

Prominent Keyword Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

SEM Rush


Pay Per Click Campaign

The other side of the story says that even if content marketing and SEO are cost effective and less risky, they consume a lot of time to achieve the expected lead generation.

So another feasible option is the Pay Per Click referring to charge per clicked ad, a business pays to the network.

By adopting PPC campaigns, reaching the objected audience which didn’t even know a firm, is accomplished, which accounts for almost 41% of the whole searches.

Using ad-words can quadruple the ROI for you. They are result based and generate good sales for any company.

Businesses make an average revenue of $2 for every $1 they expend on Ad Words.

Google Ad-words is the most widely used Search Engine Platform for PPC.  

With Google search campaigns businesses are permitted to display advertisements in the search listings of a Google Search. 

The initial drill is to select the keywords which instigate your search. Scan exhaustively all those keywords that are going to benefit your campaign and be choosy. All this has to be done with a proper full-proof planning, otherwise losses can occur.

Once the Keywords are finalised you need to categorise the Keywords and create Ad-groups. Per Ad-group you need to create 3 – 4 Ad Copies based upon the Ad-group theme and Keywords making sure the ad copies have the Keywords inserted in it.

Launching the PPC Search campaigns is done finally when the ad-copies, keywords and landing page is ready along with certain extensions like site links, phone numbers etc

Other Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

Display campaigns which ensure that instead of the conventional text ads, non-conventional display ads which attract more users can be adopted. Normally Display Campaigns are used for Brand Awareness if used correctly it provides leads at lower cost. Remarketing campaigns add a vital productivity in Display Campaigns accounting for showing ads to your regular audience who have been using your service.

A venture can use platforms like responsive ads, Gmail ads, banner ads and app ads to get in touch with the right customers.

For the shopping endeavours, shopping campaigns allowing shopping ads can be used to promote your company’s products.

Call campaigns are quite analogous to PPC campaigns, difference being that they trigger users calling the desired firm directly.

Just set up the new ad type from within adwords only by selecting “Call-Only” option from the search network ad settings page, and your call campaign will be activated.

The job doesn’t end here. For successful results, one needs to monitor the performance on daily basis, making changes and reports on a weekly basis. Aspects like quality score, CPL and CPA for each keyword could be the basis of the whole surveillance.

To illustrate more on how much these online marketing techniques work as well as to emphasize on the efforts we here at Mohite Digital Services take to bring out the best in you, let’s delve into a few ventures assisted by us.

Plobal Apps an Software Development Company saw an Increase in 205% yearly organic traffic 

The Circus Works an Advertising Agency received 14238 organic visits in its First year while 28,952 organic visits in Second Year. 

Playtor an Real Estate Builder Received 59% increase in Organic Traffic in 3 Months

Torqus Systems was able to generate Leads at Lower Cost thereby decreasing its Cost per acquisition.